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What Is Your Security Grade?

Nine key disciplines underpin an integrated security program that thoroughly protects people, assets and brand reputation. As a result, it can be difficult to objectively examine the success of current security measures without having expertise in each of these specialties. But an accurate risk assessment is a critical resource when managing a security program that is adaptive and evergreen.

The Insite team has developed a Security Rubric to audit a security program in these nine key areas against industry-wide best practices. This holistic approach targets all vital aspects of modern security practice, and the outcome helps clients understand the grade of their overall security program and provides actionable guidance for program improvement.

In addition to well-known disciplines like Executive Protection and Emergency Preparedness, Insite’s Security Rubric examines the details of current measures in other areas such as: Security Technology, Protective Intelligence, Investigations and more. Insite’s experts are qualified to assess all nine components of a comprehensive security program and assign scores. By doing so, we provide an overview of a security program’s successes, mitigation measures to solidify, and weaknesses that should be addressed.

With backgrounds from law enforcement, corporate security and intelligence agencies, our experienced and agile team is uniquely capable of assessing corporate and family security programs and delivering drilldown recommendations that address current and future needs to reduce risk and promote safety.

Learn more about Insite’s Security Rubric.


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