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During A Crisis Workers Want Clear Communications

According to a recent study conducted by global PR firm Edelman, workers rely on their employers as the most trusted resource for Coronavirus information, outpacing NGOs, government sources and the media. Employees want regular updates on emerging issues with advice on adjustments to work and travel situations.

When the rubber meets the road, can an emergency communications plan meet these expectations – especially during an extended crisis like the one we are facing?

Throughout the week, Insite publishes regular updates to its Coronavirus Security Advisory covering the latest COVID-19 health information and governmental directives, with impact analysis on law enforcement and business.

Our analysts synthesize and release the latest intelligence and guidance and we issue alerts to clients if there is breaking information that meets the threshold for immediate distribution.

In these dynamic and troubled times, duty-of-care standards and employee expectations can be satisfied by predictably delivering reliable information. Click here to request subscription pricing for the Coronavirus Security Advisory.

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