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Do You Have An Emergency Go Bag?

Whether at home, work or on the road, being prepared for crisis situations is the key to survival. A well-stocked ‘Go Bag’ is an essential tool in emergency planning that supports life safety in a variety of situations  – especially during the first 48-72 hours of a disaster.

A sturdy backpack or duffle make for a proper Go Bag. The goal is for it to be portable and the contents to meet immediate needs when resources or help may not be available.

What are the essentials of a well-prepared Go Bag?

Some of the basics include:

  • Flashlight with batteries and whistle

  • N-95 mask

  • Emergency food bar and water pouch

  • Emergency blanket and rain poncho

  • Utility tool, duct tape and waterproof matches

  • Basic first aid kit

  • List of emergency contacts

  • Cash

Other considerations:

  • Health or medical conditions

  • Regional climates and terrain

  • Family needs

Some nice to haves:

  • Map of area and compass

  • Hand-crank or battery-operated radio

  • Phone charging cable

  • Portable water filtration device

  • Change of clothes / shoes

  • Non-perishable food

  • Extra set of car / house keys


Remember: A Go Bag prepared for the office or car trunk may look different than one that is stowed at home but all need regular review to make sure items are functional and up to date.


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