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Welcome GSOC Analyst, Devon Barton

Mr. Barton applies his military and corporate security background to detect, assess, and alert on disruptive events and negative sentiment related to Insite clients. As part of the analyst team at Insite's 24/7/365 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), he uses sophisticated data collection platforms to filter content from public websites, social networks, online forums, and the dark web to identify threatening activity focused against Insite’s clients. He uses established protocols to send alerts and advisories to clients on emerging global situations, local civil unrest, and other disruptive activities that might interfere with client operations.

Prior to joining Insite, Mr. Barton served eight years in United States Army Reserve and was a security agent at several high-profile locations in New York City where he performed ongoing monitoring of physical security systems and surveillance/response operations related to unusual or suspicious activity. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pennsylvania State University.


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