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Tailored solutions to reduce risk.

Emergency Preparedness

Is your business or family prepared for the unexpected? We customize emergency procedures, evacuation and communications plans, and equipment specifications based on specific variables and special concerns, whether preparing for a natural disaster, terrorist attack or medical crisis.


Security Training

The threat landscape has changed radically over the past few years. We conduct workforce training that addresses security and life-safety threats including workplace violence, sexual assault, terrorist actions or focused demonstrations by activist groups or lone threat actors. We train families on physical safety, emergency response and managing social media accounts. We offer highly customized in-person and web-based modules using an engaging and effective scenario-based training curriculum. We continue to hear the interactive “ask the expert” component is the most valuable part of the training experience. 


Security System Design

Our clients trust the systems we design will be technically sophisticated and highly effective. The security systems we propose are customized to the specific need and designed on CAD systems in conjunction with architects, contractors, and interior designers. Our security technology experts advise throughout the construction process to integrate systems for access control, digital video surveillance, fire/noxious gas and object-specific alarms, perimeter protection, safe rooms and panic signals.

Travel Security

We look at your itinerary in a completely different way, considering the risk of all aspects of your schedule from the minute you leave to the time you return. Every trip is unique, and our tailored recommendations are shaped by access to specific local intelligence relevant to the itinerary. We vet private air carriers in terms of their safety records and the bona fides of their pilots, and we review the security and fire safety standards of every hotel. Read the case study.


IRS Security Studies

We understand the tax implications of executive security costs that, if not justified through a formal IRS security study, will become taxable benefits to the protected employee. Federal tax regulations on this topic are complicated and HR directors, tax lawyers and executive compensation experts rely on us to help them meet the program requirements that allow security precautions to be defined as an untaxed “working condition” fringe. Companies must establish a “bona fide business-oriented security concern” and demonstrate to the IRS how their security program reflects the needs identified by a qualified independent security expert.

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