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Securing Large-Scale Events

Recently, Insite managed an integrated security program for the plenary sessions at the global conference for a multinational Fortune 500 company. The event was held in a large-scale venue in Spain and our team worked with multiple stakeholders across the event, including production contractors, health and safety managers, CEO executive protection (EP) details, and venue security.    To understand the client’s objectives, we first conducted a needs assessment, which informed our design of the security plan that provided alignment for security and client stakeholders across the multi-day event.


Pre-event, Insite developed security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a Crisis Management Plan and Communications Plan, ensuring these plans were integrated with existing venue security processes. Insite also provided security guidance and advice to all aspects of the project, including attendee flow, accreditation, and access control, and provided tailored security best practices for attendee and crew information documents.


Insite provided a dedicated Security Director during the event to manage and direct security operations. This included managing security during build phase, the load-in and load-out of over 10,000 people per plenary session, and during de-rig. The Security Director managed the escalation of several security incidents during the event, ensuring a successful resolution in line with documented procedures.


The Outcome: Insite ensured thorough preparedness, smooth security operations, and the resolution of minor security incidents so that the client could focus on delivering the brand experience and event goals.

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