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Comprehensive Crisis Management Support

A global asset management firm with offices across different continents was concerned about the growing geopolitical tension and possible impact on its business operations. It approached Insite to help them develop robust crisis management and emergency response plans. Insite enlisted our team of expert crisis managers to work with the client on the development and execution of a mature crisis management program.


Insite created a core planning team that included stakeholders across the organization to define roles and responsibilities of the client's crisis management team, define different disruptive or triggering events and their severities, and create a response team and command structure for different events. Insite also formalized crisis communications and developed a matrix with a step-by-step plan for both internal and external communications. Additionally, Insite created an assessment framework for emergency notification systems (ENS) that provide effective communications during emergencies. The Insite team evaluated options that were appropriate for the client and made recommendations.


Outcome: The end result was a comprehensive crisis management plan that clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of first responders, incident coordinators, and the crisis management team. The plan clearly defined disruptive events based on the organization’s criteria and created a simplified process map whereby different stakeholder understand their roles and next steps. Following the plan's approval, Insite organized scenario-based tabletop exercises where all stakeholders gathered to discuss different scenarios and response options.

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