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Counter-Terrorism Programme


Threats are continuously emerging with no boundaries across physical and virtual domains. Even well-equipped security operations struggle to manage tripwire events that require specialised expertise or immediate response. Insite delivers a cohesive security strategy and team of multi-disciplinary experts to keep your organisation prepared and protected.

Protective Intelligence

It takes leading AI-powered platforms coupled with expert analysis to detect threats before they can have an impact. Insite’s Intelligence Group has decades of experience using sophisticated analytical methods to gather and assess open-source information. With the proliferation of content in the online space, our expertise is crucial to cutting through the noise and pinpointing the genuine threats. We deliver actionable intelligence when it is critical to get it right, connecting seamlessly with our investigators when threats to our clients’ wellbeing and reputation warrant further inquiry.


Preparedness / Emergency Response and Remediation

For clients enrolled in a managed security programme, Insite’s experts are on call to triage crisis situations and liaise with local law enforcement and first responders. We provide ongoing support throughout the incident, and all learnings are incorporated into improving readiness to handle emergencies in the future.


Tabletop Exercises

We guide management teams governing emergency response through tabletop training exercises focused on a physical security related event to test fidelity with their Emergency Action Plan. We set objectives and design scenarios that will reveal vulnerabilities and provide an after-action report with findings and recommendations.


Security Technology Consulting

At its best, security technology reduces attack vectors by delivering data that informs operational decision-making across the organisation. Many companies struggle with outdated technology and don’t have the expertise to design or implement modern systems for access control, visitor management, video surveillance and intrusion monitoring. Other firms are unsure who ‘owns’ security system updates. This increases vulnerability to data exposure since most security technology rides on corporate networks. We help firms have a unified strategy for security technology that works seamlessly with its I.T. department.

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