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Active Shooter Training Gets Better

How can the profusion of mass shootings ever offer anything good? That question was answered by Jin Kim, a (ret) FBI active shooter subject matter expert who spoke at Insite’s webinar: Strategies to Mitigate the New Cohort of Active Shooters.

Mr. Kim, who has studied perpetrators of mass shootings since the University of Texas tower incident in 1966, discussed not only how active shooters learn from each other but what we can learn from each mass shooting event to improve mitigation strategies and training. In essence, we now understand more about perpetrator mindset shifts during an active shooter event and survivor data indicates that there are more tools in our toolbox than we realize.

But in an active shooter event, the most important lifesaving tactic has to do overcoming cognitive biases so that you make choices that help not hinder chances for survival.

Want to learn more? Contact Insite to receive key takeaways from our webinar.

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