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An Inconvenient Protest

Recently, environmental and progressive activists conducted a series of disruptive demonstrations throughout Manhattan. Attendees protested directly at the offices and private residences of perceived antagonists using tactics like sit-ins, vandalism, noisemaking, and other theatrics. Protesters also infiltrated certain midtown offices to harass their targets. Dozens were arrested and short-term transit disruptions were reported.

As a favored modus operandi, these activists rely on breakout rallies at the offices and residences of those they deem responsible for climate change. Anyone with ties, financial or otherwise, to gas exploration, fossil fuels, and pipelines are potential targets. Even those without a direct connection to the energy sector may fall victim as organizing groups build coalitions; recent protest activity has intersected those involved in the issues of environmentalism, wealth inequality, housing, women’s rights, and labor activity. Noisy rallies often come with no forewarning and have the express goal of making life uncomfortable for the residents or employees. Even those unaffiliated with the targets can be impacted by knock-on disruptions.

Insite’s security team has extensive experience dealing with civil unrest and works seamlessly to reduce the impact that protests have on clients. Our Intelligence team consistently monitors protest and activist trends, allowing sharper forecasting of the next big issue. Our Protection team can swiftly and discreetly deploy trained agents to safeguard our clients and their families, ensuring peace of mind while at home or on the road. And our Consultants work closely with our clients so that staff working in targeted offices are prepared and know what to do should disruptions escalate at their location.

Request a consultation about preparing for disruptions from civil unrest.


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