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Are Your People Protected as Well as Your Data?

The convergence of physical and information security is a trend leaving many InfoSec personnel unprepared to deal with urgent, complex issues related to the safety of their organization’s people.

The only way forward is shared knowledge from both disciplines. Whether dealing with a life-safety crisis or a situation where online chatter evolves to physical threat, InfoSec professionals need context and advice from a physical security expert to develop security best practices, build organizational resiliency and protect their global workforce.

Don't miss Insite's President, Chris Falkenberg, at the upcoming ISC2 Security Congress in Nashville. His presentation on Wednesday, October 25th is grounded in real-world case studies that showcase the challenges and successes of protecting employees and the workplace in a world where security convergence is becoming the norm. The Q&A promises to be a rich discussion ranging from sophisticated threat intelligence practices to resources for better incident response practices.


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