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Building A Culture Of Safety

Is it surprising that an effective physical security program plays a role in maintaining a positive company culture? According to a study by workplace and management consulting firm Gallup, only 2 in 10 employees feel strongly connected to their company’s culture but those that do are 4x more engaged in their work.

Trustworthiness lies at the heart of the relationship between an organization and its employees, and that is based on the mutual expectation that each party will do the right things at the right time.


But what if that trust is severed? If a security incident is handled poorly, the perception that an organization cares for its employees can be compromised – both internally and in the marketplace.


Companies that build a culture of safety rely on a unified security program, which serves as the backbone of trust and fosters accountability on both sides of the employer/employee equation. On the employer side, maintaining resources that can handle a security issue across facilities and executive travel underscores their commitment to their personnel. On the worker side, employees are empowered with training and understand that making good life-safety decisions happens on the individual level.


Developing a workplace culture of mutual trust can serve as a huge competitive advantage in hiring and retaining the best employees. Trust and safety go hand in hand in this endeavor.


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