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Crypto Firms Deal With Evolving Risk Landscape

Grounded in anonymity and deregulation, rapidly maturing businesses in the blockchain ecosystem have unique security challenges. The decentralized finance industry as a whole is associated with bad actors perpetrating ransomware attacks and the crypto community was rocked earlier this year when four industry billionaires were killed within a month of each other. With the fraudulent practices of well-known players that caused great turbulence in the marketplace, many crypto firms are doubling down on their commitment to security to avert a crisis of confidence.

The most successful companies in decentralized finance recognize the importance of a holistic approach to data and physical security. They are focused on preventing breaches to their infrastructure through setting standards and consistent auditing practices. Many crypto firms are implementing corporate-wide programs for physical and operational security to address risks to executives and workspaces.

Insite applies innovative strategies and sound corporate security mechanics to help firms in decentralized finance protect their people, assets and brands. Contact us to learn more.


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