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Protecting C-Suite Execs

C-suite executives serve as more than just leadership for their organization and their name and reputation are often perceived in the marketplace as interchangeable with that of their company. As a consequence, threat actors also look at key executives through a different lens, viewing them as high-value targets. In their attempts to strike a blow against an organization or its leaders, criminals may deploy a plethora of nefarious tactics to threaten an executive, company assets or the brand.


When Insite conducts an Executive Threat Assessment, we examine many things including:

  • Misinformation campaigns online that promote false controversies in an attempt to incite protests against a CEO or other C-suite executive.

  •  Personal information exposures on the dark web, leading to key executive residential addresses being shared in threatening posts.

  • Radicalized consumers voicing for violent retribution against executives after experiencing what they consider a “poor interaction” with the organization.


We look for changes in an executive’s risk profile that can trigger the attention of bad actors and we report on the implications of concerns that we discover.

Most importantly when a bona fide threat is identified, we deliver a plan of action that seamlessly connects with our investigators and protection operations, when needed.

We understand the innermost workings of the C-suite of a company – both on the individual level and on a corporate level. Insite’s goals are to never be complacent as we protect executives and the companies they represent.

Click here to learn more about our Executive Threat Assessments and Executive Protection capabilities.


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