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Safety In Times Of Civil Unrest

If you live in New York City, you may have noticed New York Police Department (NYPD) personnel assembling barricades around the Manhattan Criminal Court and District Attorney’s office in Lower Manhattan as well as around Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. The NYPD has increased their security presence in anticipation of escalating civil demonstration activity throughout the weekend and there is the possibility of violence in other cities across the country. Activists of conflicting opinion will protest President Trump’s legal proceedings and the response to these types of events is likely to disrupt operations in the affected area while law enforcement investigate threats. Additionally, “lone wolf” actions against government installations, transit hubs, and other general areas of congregation remain possible.

During times of civil unrest, it is important to focus on personal safety.

Key principles to follow are:

  • Practice situational awareness

  • Avoid protests and demonstrations, especially after nightfall

  • Do not engage with any protesters or counter-protesters

  • Exercise caution in transportation hubs

  • Allow additional travel time if you are aware of a protest near your destination


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