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Shielding A Stalking Target

When a situation becomes threatening on Friday evening of a holiday weekend, who can you expect to answer the call for help? This esoteric question played out in one of our cases recently. Here's what happened.

For months, a key analyst at an alternative asset management firm had been receiving messages from a man she had never met. Even though he often referenced her recent life events, the analyst wasn’t too concerned and just blocked or deleted the messages. It was when he moved to a job that was in the same office complex that the analyst felt threatened and reported the situation to her employer, who then called Insite.

We immediately assembled an integrated team of investigators, armed protection agents, surveillance personnel, and security operations consultants and developed a threat management plan that in six days mitigated a matter that typically takes months to resolve.

Insite’s action plan had a dual focus: 1) Understand the stalker and his capacity for violent behavior. Insite’s surveillance operation assessed his pattern of life and the extent of his access to the shared professional complex and our client’s office. 2) Protect the target in the office and at her home. Within the first eight hours of our engagement, Insite deployed an armed protection agent to the client’s office and provided training to the analyst in the event she encountered her stalker.

Takeaways: Threats that emerge in real life are complex and can become acute at the most inconvenient times. Effective threat management requires a depth of knowledge across security disciplines and resources with a bias for action.


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