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The Secret Behind World-Class GSOCs

An intelligence analyst’s role has evolved from monitoring/reporting chatter on social networks to becoming a threat hunter that disseminates actionable intelligence. With this shift, the labor pool has necessarily become more sophisticated and diverse as analysts practice the art and science of delivering protective intelligence in the global market.


Not only do today’s intelligence analysts need a solid technical background, but they must be inherently curious and be disciplined as they evaluate and synthesize massive streams of information. Sure, there are AI-enabled tools that help, yet technical prowess is not the marker of success if an intel analyst doesn’t have ‘soft skills’ like empathy, attention to detail, and creative problem solving — all of which play an important role in identifying a bonafide threat.


Corporate recruiting managers may stumble when staffing an in-house intelligence team. They typically only hire one or two analysts and that presents a three-fold problem. One: An effective intelligence team is made up of many analysts with varied backgrounds. Why is this important? Different qualifications, experiences, and world views provide a range of human ‘filters’ to apply when analyzing a potential threat. Two: While most analysts are versed on basic intelligence gathering software, best-in-class intelligence operations have team members that cross-reference data across multiple platforms. They are always developing new source channels and scouting for/evaluating new tools, many with machine learning algorithms and other advancements.

That’s hard to do with a one- or two-person team. Finally, three: A truly global intelligence program runs 24/7/365.


Insite solves all that by offering a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) staffed by a team of analysts with decades of experience and an array of backgrounds. Our GSOC operates non-stop and the analyst team relies on an ever-growing suite of intelligence gathering tools that allows them to research and review information from around the world that is keenly relevant to our clients. Most importantly, when a threat has been identified, our analyst team coordinates seamlessly with investigators to dig deeper and with colleagues across the major security disciplines to quickly activate a response.


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