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Welcome Allison Kitanof

Allison Kitanof has joined Insite's Intelligence Group as a Threat Analyst, bringing her geopolitical expertise and research background to help clients with ongoing protective intelligence programs. “I thrive in situations that require a creative approach to research, tap my understanding of global security and utilize my analytical skills. As part of an intelligence team, I bring a unique perspective that instills our research findings with relevant context and insights. Our goal is to help clients understand and navigate potentially threatening situations," offered Ms. Kitanof when discussing her role at Insite. As a Threat Analyst, she also conducts open source intelligence (OSINT) research on foreign terrorist organizations, large-scale domestic and international crime, homegrown extremism, social media radicalization, homeland security, public policy, and international affairs to contribute to client briefings and provide context for threat investigations. Prior to joining Insite, Ms. Kitanof served in analyst positions in the intelligence and counterterrorism sectors focusing on Domestic, European, Asian, African, Americas, and the Middle East North African (MENA) regions. She holds a BS in Homeland Security from St. John’s University and is pursuing a MPS degree in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Leadership.


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