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WFH Execs Need Better Security

As opposed to the multi-layered security approach offered in a guarded, secure corporate building, executives may be far more vulnerable when they are at their home, which was normalized during the pandemic.

Executives are likely to have considered residential security in their primary residence. However, second homes may be less hardened making it easier for criminals to surveil and break-in. Furthermore, homes outside of urban areas are likely to be more remote, increasing the time it may take for responders to reach the home in case of an emergency.

Company websites, social media and information from data resellers easily supply an executive’s name, phone numbers, names of relatives, a list of residential addresses, and more. With the knowledge that executives may be operating from sometimes remote or unsecured homes, criminals may seek to target them while they are in more vulnerable positions.

Insite experts provide fresh thinking and workable solutions to protect senior leadership, their families and sensitive company information that is vulnerable in work from home situations including a program to reduce exposure of personal information.


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