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What Is A Security Incident Playbook?

The best response to a security incident comes from a place of preparedness.

All organizations will face disruptive events that affect their operations and personnel. The significance of these incidents will vary greatly, but the impact can be mitigated through preparation and a coordinated response.

In exigent situations, security and executive teams must have efficient means of communicating and have a clear understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Moreover, information sharing during an event must be seamless in order to properly respond to unfolding or changing circumstances.

One of the best mechanisms to ensure optimal response in emergency or threatening situations is a tailored Security Incident Playbook, which serves as a reference guide for collaboration during a crisis.

These Playbooks focus on communications, information sharing, response and escalation tasks and are typically organized around common emergencies and events. Scenarios in a Playbook may include executive protection, natural disasters, employee travel/medical incidents, disgruntled employee/terminations, event security or threat investigations/mitigation.

A Security Incident Playbook reduces confusion and provides a standardized approach to responding to security events across an organization. It saves time during the important early stages of response, which reduces the potential impact to personnel, assets and brand reputation.

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